Let’s get more like the French

French Demonstrations

Revolution still flows through the air in France today.  This week, upon legislation being debated to raise the retiring age, there have been mass strikes and demonstrations in resistance to not only this plan but the whole package of austerity messages about to be introduced in France.  In solidarity the students and workers have been fighting in joint movement.  Demonstrations.  Strikes.  Blockades.  Actions like this by the people send Government’s a clear message: The people are willing to fight and resist.  Now what about Blighty? Oh yes, that’s right…the X-Factor is in the live stages and Rooney’s been sleeping around.  Perhaps today of all days, on the announcement of George Osborne’s spending review, the British should be a little more French.

The idea of striking is something that has long been criticised and talked ill-upon to the people of this country. Through the private media and the politician’s, both have played a significant role in creating the lack of resistance in Britain today.  Is it any surprise the private media present a negative image about striking to us? Resisting and fighting back against the system would be a hinder in their quest for profit and greed. Not only this but private media companies tend to prop-up and support Governments that lean towards their aspirations.  With this in mind it is no wonder why, in the 1980’s, the Murdock empire slated Michael Foot and the Labour party whilst rallying round Thatcher and her clique.  Right-wing, profit hungry Governments and private companies in general go hand in hand.  A movement of the people disrupts the system which they clearly do not want.

Along with the media we have politicians telling us all the reasons why industrial action is wrong and unjustified.  Yet again the public mind is being swayed.  Clearly Thatcher has had a big part in the political prevention of resistance in this country with the anti-trade union laws introduced by her Government.  Squeezing the voice of the trade union movement, these laws make it neon-impossible for strike action to be called with the endless number of restrictions and specifications a union must meet before going out on strike.  Recently it was shown with the RMT union when their ballot was deemed illegal in the courts the affect these laws have had on the ability of the worker to stand up and voice his opinion.  Shamefully, these laws were never altered in the previous government…but then again this is also no surprise.  This was a New Labour government sharing the economic policies of Thatcher and the Conservatives and so they too were not really keen on the system being disrupted too much.

Britain is now beginning to walk down the path of austerity cuts and mass unemployment.  There has been no time better than now to tell the British people the morality and justification for standing up and fighting back.  Taking inspiration from the French people we need to find our voice and stand up against the Coalition Government in it’s desire to attack the most vulnerable and poorest in our society.  A collective movement of the people can completely over turn the system in which they live.  Now is the time to resist, to fight and to stand together in a common cause.



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