Hughes…..An Unlikely Saviour?

Is this the face that launched a thousand rebel lib dems?

I have to admit right from the outset that I have never really liked Simon Hughes. My reasons for this are many, not least of them being the incredibly dirty and Homophobic campaign that got him elected in the early 80’s (this has proved ironic as hughes himself was outed as a bisexual in the Sun Some years later) and also that he is a Milwall supporter…

However, I was pleasantly suprised this weekend to see that Hughes seems to be making trouble for Nick Clegg and the Condems, appearing on more news programmes than I could count, arguing that the welfare cuts “will not be approved” by liberal democrat MPs.

Whilst wearing a not-very-natty mac over his suit and standing in what looked like a car park, Hughes suggest that the government needed to change several key features in order that the cuts could be supported by many lib dems saying “many colleagues” would also vote against it in the house…

This follows after many lib dems (including ex-leader Menzies Campbell) showed open opposition to the condem plans to raise the EVIL tuition fees, meaning that Clegg had to go on Sunday AM yesterday to say he was in favour of a cap….MORE NEWS ON THIS SOON (come to the protest on the 10th of november in london).

Hughes does have form as a rebel, taking on the leaders of his party on the issue of an Independent nuclear deterrent, and winning in 1986. However, we this first chink in the armour may not be a complete end for the honeymoon period of the condem coalition. There were not many news reports showing the opposition to the CSR and with the recent complete conversion of Vince Cable to the ‘we don’t care about poor people party’ the vote of no confidence may be a long way off…..



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