What happened to cuts?

David Cameron Cuts.  Cuts.  Cuts.  It’s all been about cutting spending in the ‘national interest’.  However, emerging from a meeting in Brussels last week, our Prime Minister reviled one area that would receive an increased amount of spending.  This was of course the increase in the EU membership.  Despite pre-election talks from David Cameron of freezing the cost in the EU membership, and maybe even cutting it, we have now learnt there will be at least a 2.9% increase.

Many recent decisions in the Spending Review  have been made on the argument that the Government simply does not have any money left.  This is why many people are now facing a situation in which they may no longer be able to afford to live were they do because of the cuts in housing benefit.  Similarly, many children all over the UK are having their school re-building projects taken away from them leaving them to carry on learning in cold and uncomfortable buildings.  Many students are facing the prospect of choosing a university in which to learn not because of their academic ability but because of their wealth and ability to pay.  When all this is taking place it seems to be highly unjustified for there to be such an increase in the membership of the EU when this money could be spent in projecting the vital public services in which we depend on.

Not only does this issue highlight the hypocrsy of the current Government’s austerity package it also indicates just how out of touch the European Union can be.  While many of the poorest people in the UK, France, Spain and Greece are being told to accept the spending cuts they are now also being told of the justification for increasing the cost of being in the EU.  It appears that the EU simply do not understand the current plight of the most vulnerable in our society because if they did they would not be asking the very same Governments that are cutting back to also fork out such a huge membership increase too.

In the early stages of this austerity age it seems the anger felt by many will not have been soothed in the announcement last week of the £405 million spending increase to the EU.  There appears to be such a significant injustice in this situation; it has to be incredibly unfair that at a time when the Government is justifying regressive spending cuts affecting the poorest in our society that they also wish to defend a huge increase to the membership of the EU.  The hypocrisy of cutting public spending so greatly whilst accepting to pay out such a large cost is yet another demonstration of how this Coalition Government is unfair and unjustified.



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