‘Strictly Come Cutting’

Perhaps it is time for the ‘Ministerial Code’ to be updated with new rules for Government Ministers to follow, one of which could be: To give your Government proper credibility, do not take part in reality TV shows. In this new austerity age were we are constantly told that everything is being done to fix our economy then the least we would expect is for them to give this job their full attention. However, we have now learnt that our Business Secretary will be taking part in the Christmas edition of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Yes, that’s right. Vince Cable. The once supposed ‘man of the people’.

There are many possible reasons why Vince may have took this decision. Maybe he likes to dance. Perhaps he likes the show. Or is he trying to cling on to his once proposed ‘national treasure’ status? Whatever the reasoning behind this decision it is clear that it will do nothing to calm the anger felt by many people in the country today. The Lib Dem betrayal is of such an extent that nothing can be done to make it forgotten.

Vince’s choice to take part on this reality TV show seems to indicate how out of touch some senior Lib Dems appear to be with the disgust felt by many people. This sort of stunt will do nothing to distract the students who were lied to about tuition fees, the thousands of people who will have to move home with changes to housing benefit, the millions of OAP’s who will see their pension’s cut and the half a million public sector workers who will become unemployed. No. This dancing stunt will do nothing to make the people forget how it once appeared that the Lib Dems were the party for them. A party for change we once believed. Not any more.

Although some people may find it entertaining to see a Government Minister taking part on this sort of show, most will feel their anger boil even more as watching this man dance around with ‘has-been’ celebrities will just reinforce the belief that politician’s seem to live in a world of their own. A world were the judgement of the people is not considered and taken thought of. Along with Vince Cable’s recent comments about ‘not being bound’ by their manifesto promise on tuition fees this decision to appear on Strictly will simply antagonise and further anger the many people who were betrayed and misled by the Liberal Democrats.



1 Response to “‘Strictly Come Cutting’”

  1. 1 Joules Barham
    November 22, 2010 at 10:24 am

    I agree! In a season of this programme when the blessed Anne is dancing(!)I believe, Cableman could not pick a worse/better time to demonstrate how silly this government is.

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