Labour Lovely #3

It’s back again after a few weeks out – This weeks Labour Lovely is Andy Burnham for his energetic and inspiring performance in the Commons today in response to Michael Gove’s Schools White Paper Statement. Andy, quite rightly, tore apart the proposed changes to our education system with a brilliantly passionate speech today. It should be very welcoming and warming to all the students in Britain today to see Andy fight so passionately and fluently in our defence.

Andy Burnham hit home the hidden agenda in the upcoming changes to our education system by stating that these changes were only ‘good for some children and good for some schools’. With this he argued very well that Michael Gove is creating a two-tier system of education in that the poorest children from the poorest areas will feel no benefit from these changes. Andy also slashed apart the decision made by Gove on cutting all funding in the sports budget for schools highlighting how irrational and irresponsible decisions are being made in this department. To support this he made reference to the shambles that occurred when Gove announced the schools that would lose their re-building projects.

With the hypocrisy around the ‘Pupil Premium’ and the fact that schools from the poorest areas will receive significant lower funding it seems appropriate to quote Rage Against The Machine in their song Bulls on Parade: “What we don’t know keeps the contracts alive and movin. They don’t gotta burn the books, they just remove em”.

Students all across Britain should take great pride and joy in seeing Andy Burnham put up such a great fight in resistance to the regressive changes being made to our education system. His approach since becoming Shadow Education Minister has been well principled and great to watch. Andy’s passionate and greatly spoken speeches should inspire us all to get involved in this resistance in defending our schools and universities. I reccomend to anyone who reads this to watch Andy’s performance again on the BBC iplayer.



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