whether new-labour purple or left and red, we should all support the improving Ed

Ed Miliband has been rushing around in the last few days giving interviews and swinging his leadership of the labour party into action. After waiting what seemed like years for a single bit of news about Miliband’s leadership goals, we have been inundated with, well very little hard fact but a lot of ideals about the future of the labour party and what our glorious leader wishes to do with us.
In an interview with the Guardian on Monday (in which I’ve already found a spelling mistake!*) Ed set out a policy review for labour, Including the useful step of having each shadow cabinet member look at issues in their field (it does help to have them know the battlegrounds for different attacks on the CONDEMS) along with a raft of reforming measures looking at the Labour organisation as well as changing the course of the labour party and getting on course to win the next election, whenever it may be.
Whilst some politico-nerds like myself will have noticed that a broad and extreme policy review of this kind was one of the two options Andrew Rawnsley put forward in his piece on Sunday, calling for  Ed to embark a Blair-like changing of labour’s core values. This is probably another Rawnsley’s usual trick of finding out what someone is going to do before anyone else and then calling angrily for them to do things.
There are already reports of rifts within Labour about the direction and aims of these reforms as well as the AV referendum. Whilst I am acutely aware that there is always talk of rumbles within the party, it is clearly getting to the stage in the polls where Labour need to get behind Ed and push forward the Labour party in order that people upset at the coalition don’t just turn off from politics all together, but instead see that Labour is standing with them, representing their interests.
This goes for all of us of course, even Telegraph readers are being reached out to in this effort to side with all those who may like to think they are in the Squeezed middle, Ed clearly realising that he needs to swing left as well as right to show Labour is the best and only ‘optimistic’ alternative.
The main reason we should really shut up and follow Ed is not because it will help Labour get elected, it is because he has some amazing ideas. Personally I’m all for a the 50p tax rate on the rich, as I for one am sick of the New Labour stance of not minding the rich getting massively richer so long as the poor get a tiny bit less poor (I’m also bloody sure that Alan Johnson will get on with his job and support Ed with this, seasoned professional that he is). Ed’s Stance on anti-social behaviour and the justice system in general are also to be commended.
So if you’re already a member please get involved in the policy review as well as start the hard campaigning and graft, and if you aren’t a member yet, JOIN LABOUR and get on with supporting Ed in his Mission of reform and later our mission to get elected.
*The Guardian website (at least) referred to Ed getting back into “wonk” mode, surely “work”?….
And yes I will call him Ed…I’ve met him haven’t I?

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