Our first GUEST POST, “Iran – the new black” By Mr Alex Brooks

All roads lead to Iran. Even ‘Dubya’ said so in his memoirs. That is intelligence for you, right there, folks. The media outlets of the world are slowly-but-surely starting to place unwarranted and unhealthy attention upon Iran’s supposed ‘nuclear weapons programme’. Never mind the fact that Iran has repeatedly stated they possess no WMDs , or that they have had several  quite thorough visits from UN Weapons Inspectors (yes, it all floods back now, doesn’t it?), or even that they are just peacefully developing nuclear power, or even that most of the ‘intelligence’ regarding their WMDs seems to be coming from Israel, our Man in the Middle-East. Iran is the new Devil, and Ahmedinejad is coming to get you.

This sequence of events is already scarily familiar to all us heavily-anaesthetised Westerners. Thanks to the myriad privately-controlled news agencies of the world, we now have yet another Third-World, Middle-Eastern demon to hate, torture, and brutalise. Due to a relentless stream of misinformation and fabricated intelligence, the people of the Western World are going to discover yet another common enemy abroad, to divert their attention from problems closer to home. History repeats.

{Roll tape} Forget your money troubles, and your massive debt; just ignore the wanton destruction of civil liberties and your basic freedoms; put the riots, protests, unrest and hatred out of mind. Here is someone else for you to hate, without moving from your armchair. A temporary distraction, but only because we really, really care for your safety. We care so much we have to rely on shaky intelligence from our friends at Mossad, and on our contacts at News Corp International. Keep watching SKY/FOX for a detailed, impartial discussion on the declaration of the star-spangled nuclear holocaust. {Stop tape. Cut to black. Ad break}

{Fade in} I often lament to others that, in an age as advanced as ours, we need standing armies to defend ourselves from foreign aggressors. After millennia of conflict and violence, men killing men, brother killing brother, for one lofty ideal or goal after another, one would believe that we should have seen the insolence and madness of our opportunistic and savage ways. Sadly, not so. British troops are currently engaged in two senseless overseas wars, which no sensible person can honestly defend or justify. War in itself is unjustifiable. Blood spilt over ‘fighting terrorism’ or ‘defending freedom’ is only ever violence for its own sake – ‘fighting terrorism’ is one of the most circular phrases I have ever heard.

Iran is being groomed as the new Goldstein. The hate will not last two minutes. Our telescreens will make sure of it. The Western military establishment wants war, and soon the people will want it too. The full weight of the military-industrial complex is here, its fist closed around the neck of the world, and it isn’t going to budge. Unless we do something about it. {Fade out. But not quietly}

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” – Mahatma Ghandi



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