‘Possibly Abstaining’- Oh, give it a rest.

I hate Vince Cable.

Not only is it enough to bombastically declare yourself ‘the prophet’ of the economic crisis, when in reality you simply ranted for months in advance about how deplorable capitalism is, and never suggested anything to the then-Labour government about how it should be avoided/dealt with, but now you’re insulting the intelligence of all who voted for you by saying you may ‘abstain’ from voting for policy you helped draw up in the first place.

And isn’t that gnomish face just despicable, too.

We all know this maneuvering is just a desperate attempt by a party that has destroyed itself to regain credibility. The damage has been done- Vince and his boys have helped create the appalling, uncompromising legislation on fees- not only that, but Clegg, and Danny Alexander (as of Question Time, 2nd Nov) in addition to Cable have already made their personal view clear; that they think the rise in tuition fees would be beneficial and an improvement over the status quo. Now, perhaps I’m wrong, but do party whips normally encourage their MPs to vote in a way that is contrary to the opinion of the party hierarchy? No. Whips exist to enforce the will of those at the top of the party ladder. Vince saying he may abstain due to ‘party consensus’ is a nonsense- the leading Lib Dems are affirmed, the party line has already been established. Cable is spouting rubbish to try and create the illusion that his party are still distinct in government, and, perhaps unintentionally, filling all of us who want the best for this country’s young people and education system with false hope. And he knows it.

Aside from leading Lib Dems abstaining from this vote on Thursday being a fantasy (which wouldn’t be enough to console all of those who voted for the party, on the basis they would actively oppose any such decisions on higher education anyway), abstaining itself is immoral. Not, of course, that that actually means anything to Liberal Democrats nowadays, but it is a point worth making nonetheless. Not voting, not carrying out your duty as an elected official by exercising your will either way renders the position of MP redundant.

That, however, while worthy of note just to further expose the true nature of what Vince says, is irrelevant. Abstaining is not a substitute for a broken promise, and Cable is even saying that ‘personally’ he doesn’t want to, which ultimately means he won’t anyway.



1 Response to “‘Possibly Abstaining’- Oh, give it a rest.”

  1. 1 hawlmarc
    December 3, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Update, sort of: Has been reported by BBC News today that Vince Cable will in fact vote in favour of the rise in tuition fees. No surprises, then.

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