Julian Assange needs our support

The current slur campaign that is being led against Julian Assange is something that deeply concerns me as it is being done in an attempt to sway the peoples mind against him and his organisation when in truth we should be supporting it. For a great explanation on this current political situation I urge you to watch John Pilger’s documentary ‘The War You Don’t See’, here you are provided with a fantastic insight to what investigative journalism should be and thus why we should be supporting Julian Assange.

What we believe to be our ‘democracies’ in the Western World are in fact Orwellian secret surveillance States. We are constantly monitored and watched. Through CCTV, phone bugging and e-mail surveillance our every moves are noted down and saved. It is within this Orwellian system of a government that the truth is covered up and instead replaced by lies to which are fed to the people; from our Ministers and through the media we are told what is the supposed ‘truth’ so as we do not question or resist anything our Governments say and do.

It is needed for investigative journalists to explore and investigate the activities of our Governments so that we do know the truth, so that we are aware of the reasons why things happen and why wars are started. However, over recent years it has become the norm for our media to become ‘embedded’ with the Government meaning that what is published to us is directly influenced by the powers that be. This is eradicating neutrality in our media and as such it is becoming incredibly more bias to side of our Governments. We require the truth of all issues in the news and therefore should be presented with both sides of the stories, not just one side.

In our recent history one clear issue has demonstrated this flaw in our media, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were initially told that Iraq and Sadam Hussien had weapens of mass struction and the capabilities of targeting Western countires, we now know this was all lies and was used as a means to start a war with an innocent country. The media did not question this evidence and as a result the people bought into it. If WikiLeaks had been around back then perhaps thousands of innocent Iraqi lives could have been saved. This is why we need WikiLeaks: to expose the lies and true intentions of Goverments, in this case in relation to their Foreign Policy. So, in relation to the Iraq war we are aware that the war was started to allow American forces to occupy and control Iraq’s resources and oil. However this was covered up and support for the war was built on the post 9/11 fear or ‘terrorism’ and the scape-goating tactics of vindicating Sadam despite him having no WMD’s and having no connection to 9/11.

It is for this reason that Julian Assange has been victimised and attacked in a huge slur campaign by the private media and Western Governments. He is revealing truths that they do want the people to know. Julian Assange is advocating the freedom of information and the transparency of Governments, he and WikiLeaks are trying to dissolve these ‘Big Brother’ States in order to allow for the proper application of human rights and justice in our societies. It also vital for the people to see that the current allegations against Julian are based on political intentions; the initial allegations of rape in Sweden were dropped for lack of evidence back in October and have only now been brought back up just as WikiLeaks began releasing these cables. The fact that Julian is being kept in solitary campaign for 23 and a half hours a day with no access to newspapers, books, his legal team or family just indicates the political motivation to restrict and stop Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Julian’s was described as being imprisoned in ‘Orwellian conditions’ by his lawyers Mark Stephens. It is now for us, the people, to stand up and support him because what he and his organisation are doing is for the benefit of our Governments. Transparency and the freedom of information should always be principles of our democracies and so I urge everyone to stand and support WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.



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