Resistance isn’t futile, its imperative!

First of all, apologies for the very very long break since the last few posts, the problem with having a blog run by uni students is that in exam-time, there’s a conspicuous silence.

Now on to my main point… yes we’re in dark days where hope seems extinguished amid the ridiculous and malicious works of this government, yes, no one will ever be able to afford uni again and no one will get a job, yes, are country is now being run by a loud of toffee-nosed, sneering and arrogant Bullingdon-boys with the collective compassion of a pineapple. but we must not despair!

you may want to sit around with you head in the sand, wishing the bad men will go away, feeling powerless and underrepresented; but I do not! We must not be bewitched into believing that all resistance to the Tory-led Government’s ideological dismantling of the welfare state is futile because it is not. Clear message have been sent to them on multiple occasions, showing them that we will not stand for this s**t any more. The Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election result showed the tories at least that we shall not accept it and do we remember the student protests of last year? Whilst violence of any kind is despicable it must be said that the sight of many taking to the streets in anger at this government’s actions is a wonderful sign that we can, and must stand up for equality and for the interests of those on middle-to-low incomes in this country.

But enough hot air, if the time for resistance is now (and yer it is!) we must think of some ways to do this…

  • Join the Labour party! Ok I realise this is not for everyone, however it is clear to see that if one is from the centre-left to the far left, this should be the place to go. It is vitally important that we do not maintain past (sometimes very well founded) prejudices of Labour, whilst in the past mistakes have been made in the past and some of you may feel that previously  the Labour party has not fully represented you, the Fresh Ideas campaign is for you! by putting in your ideas and showing the party what you think together we can make the Labour party fully represent the ‘socialist majority’ in this country and you can have a chance to get your issues aired. The labour party as the official opposition are the people best placed to lead the kind of resistance we need in this country.

If you are still not convinced by this, that is absolutely fine, there are other ways to resist, whatever                  your core ideals are, the most important of these i would point to is The Coalition of Resistance, join now

  • Ok once you have achieved step 1, next is to actually take some action! keep abreast of meetings and events going on in your local area, this can be done by a quick Google or search of Facebook events, or start your own! If you have joined the labour party one thing which I urge you to do is to click on this link and fill in your details to be contacted about some volunteering to combat the tory-led twits. Or hey even send us a quick email about being a blogger by sending us an email at redplog@live.co.uk

Ok I understand many of us are busy so if volunteering isn’t for you….

  • The last and maybe most important way to resist is, simple but interesting! KEEP CLUED UP! This may seem easy, I mean, we all read the news right? yes but we can do more…read blogs, watch more news, chat in the pub, and read papers. The Guardian is amazing and its website keeps to its left-wing opinions and is free, you can also read The Independent which is also left, lovely and very well written at times. One blog which I would mention as amazing is Labourlist (you can ‘like’ it on facebook, which gives you the option of visiting the posts you’re interested in).

Following on from this, Tell your friends what the government is doing to this country, use your                new-found info on the day to day issues and let them know what’s happening and get them to repeat these                steps…

Please do not despair, join the fight-back today!

(Ok enough nagging now, back to the political debate – ED.)



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