The Media Monopoly

By studying the US it is easy to see how the massive right wing media has played significant influence on the opinions of people in relation to perceptions of politics and social issues. Usually the influence of the media in the UK has been downplayed but now it maybe time to realise that over recent years it has become ever more influential in determining public opinion. With the current controversy over the Murdoch bid to takeover BskyB it is now people need to realise the bias the media can have towards our governments.

It was recently published that David Cameron has had a secret meeting with James Murdoch just days after taking away Vince Cable’s duties over the BskyB bid. This clearly has a serious implication in that our government and the Murdoch empire are in fact towing the same line, and lets be honest it isn’t a major shock. The Conservative Party in toe with a media empire that has significant bias to right wing politics. Who’d have thunk it? And unfortunately this is a partnership that has occurred before.

During the 1980’s in Thatchers reign the right wing media playing a huge role in dismaying public opinion against the Labour Party and Left-wing politics as a whole. As a result the tabloid media, under the ownership of Murdoch, constantly attacked the likes of Michael Foot in an attempt to sway the public against these figures. Why? To protect their grasp on power. If we think to more recent times it is fair to state this has happened again.

Throughout Gordon Browns leadership he too was laid waste to a barrage of media spin and bias criticism, all of which helped put in place a constant stream of attack at his expense. How many jokes were made at his expense? How many times did you see TV presenters to tabloid articles criticising and demeaning Brown? And the general election came and we know the result of that. Indecision and now coalition.

With our Prime Minister meeting Murdoch in secret it is easy to see how there is a clear amount of bias and favour-ability between these two parties. It is up to us to stand up and protest against media domination at the hands of one person. Good and proper media should not be held by one person, variety is the key to a healthy system. We have to ensure that Murdoch does not complete his BskyB takeover. We have to hope that the BBC will keep to its original principle of neutrality as our leading media provider, however even this organisation finds it hard to keep itself free from political bias. It wasn’t so long ago when Mark Thompson was having meetings with David Cameron on how to cover the news over the spending review…



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