A day of focus on multiculturalism

Yesterday saw a march of the English Defence League (EDL) in Luton; branded a home coming march as the founder of the EDL, nicknamed ‘Tommy Robinson’, is from this area. Attracting around 1,500 supporters this gathering occurred on the same day that David Cameron gave a speech on the supposed failure of multiculturalism in Britain. A slight coincidence it could be argued. Clearly both parties are appear fearful over Islam but is there actually anything to worried about? Is there really an extremest risk in Britain today?

The EDL walked through Luton in protest to what they see as the rise in extremist Islam in this country, many were chanting ‘Muslim bombers of our streets’ according to one BBC article. On a recent episode of Newsnight this week there was an interview with Tommy Robinson in which he two reiterated this supposed fear of Islam rising throughout Britain. How true is this fear? Is there really a threat from Islam? Many take pride in the fact that this country embraces many different people from many different religions, giving them a country to live in were they do not have to fear ill-treatment based on religious or racist views.

On the same day David Cameron gave a speech about how, in his view, multiculturalism had failed. He argued that national identity needs to found in order to prevent people from moving to extremism, clearly using these terms immediately cause people to think of Islam as this possible extremism. Again it has to be asked if there really is this threat in Britain today. A cause for major concern however is the timing of this speech with the EDL march. Surely this march would have been condemned if Cameron disagreed with them, instead he chose today to criticise multiculturalism pushing through a similar message to the people as the EDL do.

Time after time it appears we are being told that is a common threat to our ‘national security’ and again it always appears to be Islam that is being targeted as this supposed enemy. Clearly the risk of ‘extreme’ Islam is being used as the reason for continuing the war in Afghanistan today, to combat the ‘terrorist’ threat. It appears worrying that on the same day the often criticised EDL held a march that David Cameron shared supposed similar fears over religion and culture in Britain today. Is this yet another exposing of what this Tory party really believes in? After the privatisation of our NHS and University system, the unsubtle reduction in the size of our state and the huge cuts in the public sector would it be any surprise if the Conservatives party were also trying to create fear over a supposed religious threat? Right-wing thinkers? And they say said the Conservatives were now the party of change…yeah right.



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