Liberal Democrat naivety

Recently we’ve seen how fundamentally unfit Nick Clegg and his colleagues are for governmental positions due to a complete lack of overall party experience of power in relatively modern history.

Just yesterday we bore witness to Clegg’s insistence that Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other leading universities won’t be able to charge the maximum fee of £9000 because it’s ‘not up to them’ and that they must first ‘prove themselves’ worthy of it in a sense by displaying how they will increase the amount of offers extended to individuals from less privileged backgrounds.

The suggestion that Oxbridge will not achieve what they want in terms of fees in this new system borders on idiocy. Those institutions in particular, and to a lesser extent others possess an overwhelming amount of contacts and influence within both government and the civil service, especially within the conservative party, the group that is ultimately going to be making the decisions when allocating allowed fees. That Clegg cannot see college connections or similar relationships will dictate the true application of the new fees policy, nor pay heed to any examples that exist out there, both fictional and non-fictional, is frankly worrying. The strings the likes of Oxbridge have at their disposal to pull are extensive, and when they are particularly strong within the coalition’s dominant party, Clegg’s ‘pledge’ seems void. Actually, I don’t really know what precisely he’s pledged to do. He just ‘pledged’ away in front of some students, saying little more than that Oxbridge ‘might not’ be able to charge £9000. I guess he should be given the benefit of the doubt though, I hear the man has some sort of history with regard to making promises in front of students.

In addition, the ‘resignation’ of the lib dem finance spokesman in the House of Lords appears to be another example of that party not understanding just quite what it means to be in government. Matthew Oakeshott seems to have been under the impression he was able to retain his position after making such criticism. While we can all agree with his comments, the fact he thought he could speak for his party and the government while not agreeing with policy is concerning.

If Clegg and Cohorts™ can’t really navigate the nuances when it comes to being a party of government, we should worry when it comes to their competency in other areas of their administration that goes behind closed doors.



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