Round Up of the Week #1

We had a chat this week between us bloggers and have decided to give you a round up of all the important politics stories at the end of each week.

So the big story of the week has been Egypt. This is a massive change in both Egypt and the world, ousting Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in power, a huge feet of peaceful people-power over an undemocratic dictator. Watch this space for what happens next, lots of people have ideas, but truth is, no one has a clue.

It’s also been the week where the “project merlin” deal between the banks and the Treasury. Many believe that this deal is good for one group of people and one group only, the bankers. This belief is such that even a Lib-dem treasury spokesman was fired after saying the treasury had been “taken for a ride.” This whole deal was merely one reason why Gideon Osborne was chosen for our “tory twit of the week”. The tories’ false economy was shown to be becoming less and less popular this week as Francis Maude was booed on Questiontime for spouting the “its labour’s fault” line..AGAIN!

Another person who could have easily won that illustrious award (as with every week) is David Cameron, this week for his decision to make a speech in Munich of all places to talk about his negative feelings on Multiculturalism. Fine, he is very much aloud to air his opinions however ridiculous they may be, but please not on the day an anti-muslim, fascist group is having its “homecoming” march. Cameron also decided to thwack the last government over the issue of the Lockerbie bomber.

This was also the week where with cuts everywhere, the big society may have died; with many councils (yes most of them labour run) pulling out.

This has been a very busy week for politics and if there is something we’ve missed you that want included in this week’s round-up please comment or email Redplog@live.co.uk



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