What ever happened to protest songs?

Their have been scenes of protests in Britain (indeed the world) in the last few months and its clear to see that in some ways at least there is a new age of protests against a government which is cutting everything it does not agree with.

This response to the government’s idealogical cuts is clearly impressive but one thing is missing. Where are the protest songs? In the past we’ve had “give peace a chance”, “part of the union” and everything written by Billy Braggor or Bob Dylan. Over the years there have been hundreds of songs bemoaning various governments’ action’s. Recently though, one song, but one cracking song has stuck out since it was played on Andrew Marr’s “sunday A.M.” programme. “Ignorance, arrogance and greed” by Show of Hands is a great folky ditty about how awful bankers are.

Beyond that. Nothing. But maybe soon with the Government becoming as bad if not worse than its Thatcherite ancestry it may be that we get more and more songs such as those in the eighties.

On a related note, does anyone else think that Billy Bragg’s “From Red to Blue” sounds like a song aimed at Vince Cable, despite being written years ago?



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