Something else for a longer than previously thought interim

In an attempt to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on what is, let’s face it, the finest bastion of free thinking political opinion on the internet, I am again defying the oppressive censoring of the People’s Republic of Yorkshire dictatorship, to bring you a message of hope and light- we are contrary to popular belief, still alive. As the university semester gets into full swing, and we finish readjusting our lives to handle an actual workload, full service is sure to be resumed soon.

Well, there’s only one thing that any sane person cares about in the political space at the moment, besides the ubiquitous domestic cuts of course, and that is, naturally, the still-developing crisis in Libya. With the inexcusable ongoing acts being perpetrated by the regime there, only someone devoid of passion for humanity would  not care about the situation enough to consider taking time off if they were in a position to help do something about it.

With what has been called by some the ‘Siege of Tripoli’ underway, and Gaddafi looking increasingly like a madman as he wages war on his own people, there is, bluntly, nothing much more anyone can say beyond predictions regarding the matter- that’s right, not even incredibly insightful international luminaries such as ourselves. We simply have to wait and watch events unfold. Which before you ask is totally not my justification for blog inactivity, no siree!

So, with the tentative promise that content will be pumped once more through the hallowed veins of RedPlog soon, I leave you with my attempt at trying to lighten the overwhelmingly, and quite rightfully, sombre political mood worldwide.



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