Calamity-Clegg’s laziness is beyond ridiculous.

Ok before I begin a shameless attack on the man it is my right (as a student) to despise, I must first make a fair point. It seems true that in this country, politicians have often been forced to work far too hard. we’ve all seen the poor men and woman in charge of this nation wondering around in a permanent semi-coma, attempting to stand up to Paxman in a state that is akin to Haile Gebrselassie after setting a world-record setting marathon time. This is why when people were moaning about Ed Miliband’s Paternity leave, I was irritated. Firstly, he has a good reason and second HE isn’t running the country.

Nick Clegg, however, is supposed to be.

Shortly after strong rumours emerged about his “closing his red-box” at 3pm every day, it was recently reported that when there was a serious crisis brewing concerned with getting people out of Libya and when he clearly has a huge amount to do despite the parliamentary recess, he decided the best thing to do in the interest of the country, was to, wait for it, go skiing…

With this in mind it seems clear why Cameron still declared himself  “in charge” of the country despite being incredibly busy selling guns to whichever middle eastern country is looking on unsure footing at the time.

It isn’t just important for the country. You would think that with his party bumping around at the 10% mark in the opinion polls he would be attempting to do more to regain the public’s trust after screwing over the students before the council elections in May. He’s supposed to be overseeing much of the governments general policies with an special emphasis on faffing with the House of Lords and our voting system.

I know for one that he hasn’t spent alot of his time out and about in his constituency during the parliamentary recess, well at least not nearly the student union; but then again they’d only attack him.

I mean what IS he doing, hasn’t he got a welfare state to destroy?



3 Responses to “Calamity-Clegg’s laziness is beyond ridiculous.”

  1. 1 Dave
    March 1, 2011 at 12:30 am

    That is hysterical, and so true! Some valid points well made, a thourouhly entertaining read! Keep it up!

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