Round Up of the week #2.

Despite the Parliamentary recess this has been a busy week for some politicians even if this doesn’t include Nick Clegg.

Jeremy Hunt gave the Rupert Murdoch BskyB deal the green light, to the horror of many, whether this will lead to a disturbingly right-wing FOXNEWS channel in the UK in the future remains to be seen; but one thing that is for sure is that it demonstrates his control over our current government.

Steve Bell- the Guardian.

The Violent Battles between Col. Gaddafi’s forces and those seeking to oust him continue, with more bloodshed. Will there be Military intervention from the west? Do these leaderless revolts signal the end of charismatic leaders such as Ghandi to be replaced with Facebook?

One VERY good result this week was however in the Barnsley Bi-election where Labour won with the largest increase in vote since 1997, with the Libdems coming 6th behind Labour, UKIP, the Conservatives, the BNP and an Independent.

There was also a YES vote in the Welsh referendum to give the Assembly more powers. The Turnout was, however disappointing at around 35%

The week’s best links:

Polly Toynbee’s amazing column on the public sector job cuts

Ed Balls’ article on the personal issue of Stammers and The King’s Speech

David Miliband comments on Cameron’s ‘muscular liberalism’ concerning the far-right and the politics of hate



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