tory twit of the ….fortnight

Personally, this blogger has not had too much against our most recent twit. In fact, his yorkshire accent and relatively down-to-earth nature has always made him seem one of the few real humans in the cabinet, if not the only one in the government.

However he has recently had a much increased workload due to the problems in Libya and this has shown us all that whilst his darlek-like monotonous tones may have earned him over £1million on the lecture circuit, his work behind the scenes running the Foreign Office has perhaps turned the rolls royce diplomacy of the past into something more akin to a reliant robin (as Andrew Neil put it on last thursday’s “this week”).

First there was the botched rescuing of British nationals from the war-torn state last week, with Britain being a lot slower than many other countries, partly due to a civilian plane with problems before take off (well all the army planes have been scrapped), and more recently there was the very strange ‘diplomatic’ mission to Libya which involved multiple passports and some strong links to the NHS.

Throughout all this, this tory twit has been giving out confused information on Gaddafi’s whereabouts and strength, showing a complete lack of coherent knowledge in the international situation as well as an inability to take positive steps that will achieve anything substantial.

For Services to Stupidity: William Hague MP





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