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We’re Not Dead.

Neither, you may be overjoyed to hear, is RedPlog!

Now that summer is here, expect fresh injections of content once again from the best bloggers you’ve never heard of! We’re currently living in an interesting season- one that has already seen one large (ish, at least I think, but there again I’m at a loss now as to who to believe regarding specific figures) public sector strike, and surely many more interesting events, revelations, and maybe even u-turns, await us in the near future.

In fact, it’s a humdinger of a thing that no one has mentioned this sunny quarter of the year in conjunction with the noun ‘discontent’! Oh wait, they have.

While it’s a certainty posts will not be quotidian (it’s not like they ever were), hopefully, major occurrences will be covered here from time to time, now that we students are on a temporary hiatus from our cruel, gruelling daily grinds.

So be sure to check back periodically, there’ll be stuff to here to read, soon! Yes, soon.


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