Tory Twit of 2011

If you could pick any prominent member of the conservative party as you’re “Tory twit of the year” for 2011 who would it be? We’ve come up with a shortlist…

First up is Aiden Burley mp for what some sensationalists are calling Nazigate.


You can find a full account of it here

The second has to be Liam Fox for the Adam Werrity saga.


A full list of their meetings can be seen here

Clearly George Osborne should get at least a nomination. Managing to get the economy to stay quite so void of growth for quite so long…


Whilst all of the above have shown incompetence that far outstrips us mere mortals, there is only one man who can truly be crowned Redblog’s tory twit of the year.

The rightwing and dishonourable David Cameron mp who has hired Andy ‘the hacker’ Coulson, gerrymandered, guided Andrew Lansley through th destruction of the NHS, and took a little trip to Europe in which 500 years of foreign policy to prevent our isolation from the continent was undone in less than 2 days…


Happy New Year,
from all at The Redblog.


We forget Theresa “I’m not making this up (oh well actually I am)” May for her kitty cat issues….sorry about that…


1 Response to “Tory Twit of 2011”

  1. December 31, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    If anyone has anyone they would like to add to the list or disagrees with who we chose just leave a comment šŸ™‚

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