A picture says a thousand words… finally some good pictures of Ed Miliband.

Like a lot of politicians (and people for that matter) there are many bad photographs of Ed Miliband and for many bloggers and supporters it can be hard to find pictures to show Mr Miliband in a positive way; we may all be in luck, however, as some recent images from photographer Ian Derry have surfaced in an interview for the Daily Mail.

Let me say early on that I very much dislike the aspects of today’s society that require politicians to spend so much time, energy and money on public relations. I will never understand how we can get to the stage where someone with as little substance as David Cameron could gain any public support whatsoever, but that is another post for another time…

The importance of these photographs is not to be understated. Ever since his election as leader, the press has gone to great pains to give us the impression that Mr Miliband is a nerdy, anti-social oddball, with no chance of winning any new friends, let alone an election. These photos show a different, more confident and also more human Miliband, with a energised glint in his eyes and a powerful, intellectually serious stare. Derry’s use of city lights in the first image and bold colours in the second also help show Ed (quite literally) in a new light.

I know he isn’t George Clooney and I am also aware that pictures alone do not (and should not) win elections. They can be, however a very good place to start…



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