David Cameron: the humanitarian?

Last week our Prime Minister visited Saudi Arabia on a trip, as we were told, to ‘boost relations’ and ‘strengthen ties’. This poses many significances which have gone unreported in the media; instead the focus has been upon how this trip and others like it provide a basis to extend ties with other nations in order to increase our trade and better our economy. There are however much deeper significances in relation to this trip which highlight the true nature of the UK’s double standard towards the Middle East.

The first key significance in relation to this trip is the fact that new arms deals will have been negotiated during this trip. Shamefully, Britain has a history in supplying arms to Middle Eastern dictatorships because, when the protests began in Egypt, it was revealed that Britain had been selling arms for years to Egypt which means British weaponry was used to oppress the people during those protests. Despite this David Cameron still went to negotiate arms deals with Saudi Arabia; this is a disgrace because not only have they been quashing protesters fighting for democracy in their own country, they have also been doing this in Bahrain as they sought the help of the Saudi Arabian army to oppress protesters in that country too. The significance here then is that it appears British made weapons will yet again be used to quash those who are still fighting for democracy today.

From this a further significance can be found in that it demonstrates the hypocrisy of David Cameron’s foreign policy. David Cameron lobbied the UN for intervention in Libya to support the proresters fighting for freedom, but now he’s selling arms to Saudi Arabi without any consideration to the human rights abuses taking place in that country. This is a double standard due to fact that he supported the uprising in Libya and rallied to their cause but is now selling arms to a dictatorship which is oppressing it’s people in just the same way as Gaddafi did.

Similarly this is happening alongside our governments lack of interest in the growingly desperate situation in Syria. Many protesters in their heroic fight for freedom have been shot down, tortured and killed by the government forces here and despite this there has been a clear lack of enthusiasm for the Syrian protesters from this government as there was for the Libyans. This absence of compassion demonstrates the true intentions behind the Libyan intervention which was to protect the supply of oil Britain receives from Libya; oil contracts in Libya were secured by Tony Blair through his complicity to Gaddafi’s brutal dictatorship and such complicity to other dictators appears to be now encapsulated by David Cameron.

Tony Blair (stood to the left) with BP securing oil contract in Libya.

David Cameron’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia poses many significances which cannot be justified by arguments of improving trade or boosting the economy; a lack of media scrutiny about this trip has allowed for these significances to go mostly unnoticed by the public. This trip highlights the hypocrisy of this government’s attitude towards the Middle East alongside our continued and shameful support of Israel and their aggression against Palestine and the Palestinian people. Our Prime Minister’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia brings to light the true shameful nature of Britain’s foreign policy and highlights the extent to which this country exports arms and weapons around the world.



1 Response to “David Cameron: the humanitarian?”

  1. 1 Sam Williams
    January 17, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Really interesting read highlighting what goes on “behind closed doors”. Keep em coming!

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