The Future of the Labour Party? Hopefully….

On the 17th of April last year, the previously quiet think tank GEER (standing for Gender Environment Equality and Race) became LabourLeft and began to use Facebook much more as a way to communicate with its members. Since that time it has become an incredibly impressive grassroots movement which is now able to call itself “Labours biggest think tank”. Lead by the MP Grahame Morris and by Dr Éoin Clarke it has gone from strength to strength as a body for promoting Ethical Socialist values at a time when we need them most.

In November an Ebook version of Labour Left’s “Redbook” was published. With its authors drawn from all heights within the labour movement it is rapidly becoming a standard text for anyone seeking to prove that labour still has very strong socialist roots. THIS should be the manual for all Labour Party activists and leaders.

LabourLeft has also had many events both in Westminster and at the Labour Conference. Now, though, this movement is going around the country, using their 17 regional committees to organise a Redbook tour.

For more information of LabourLeft go to their website or Dr Éoin Clarke’s site.

The Future of the Labour Party? Hopefully…



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    March 28, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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