Here at the Redblog we aim to highlight and promote the wide range of thought, opinion, discussion and campaigning methods from around the labour movement as a whole. If you would like to contribute to this blog simply email a post to where you can also ask us anything.

“Blogging is growing at a fantastic rate and is virtually costless. It means that anyone can express their opinions on the internet and influence others; each blogger becomes a proprietor of his own newspaper without the influence of advertising (or the revenue it brings)” – Tony Benn

Our resident redbloggers explain themselves below…

HB (Ed)- Doing a law degree at the University of Sheffield, I’ve always had a passion for Politics and have always considered myself a social democrat, I have strong views but would like to think I can reconsider any view in the light of greater information. An avid watcher of The West Wing, I’m clear that in order to achieve any good in government you have to get there, so yes sometimes bitchy politics is needed. At the last election I made the wrong call. I did alot for the lib-dems, I canvassed hard and pulled a 24 hour day on polling day but during the afternoon i realised, it wasn’t the lib dems i wanted to win. Since then I have ‘come home’ to the Labour party and I intend to do as much as possible to get them back into government, partly so they can keep some of the promises of 1997. I am also the Union campaigns officer for Sheffield Labour Students.

MH – I’m currently a Law student at the University of Sheffield. I’ve met some great, likeminded new friends whilst studying so far, chief among them my fellow writers here at The Redblog. Ostensibly I’m the most centrist in terms of outlook among my colleagues- but really, I just feel there needs to be balance in all things, including economic and social policy management, for the betterment of all. A life-long Labour supporter from a traditionally Labour supporting family, I feel passionate about making politics accessible and relevant to ordinary, working people- a cause I hope to be able to further through my articles.

JW – My interest in politics came about after I read Robert Tressell’s novel ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’. From this I now have a firm passion in politics, as such I advocate the principles of equality and social justice. I would also like to see the inequalities in our society reduced between the few and the most so that we can begin to live in a fairer world.


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