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Book Review- things can only get better. By John o’farrell

Partly due to a recent lull in blogging and partly due to it being independent bookshop week (go buy a book!), I’m going to attempt to review a very fittingly political book.

Things can only get better (30 years in the life of a labour supporter) by John O’Farrell is a beautifully funny and surprisingly informative book charting O’Farrell’s support of Labour through its darkest times.


The book is Incredibly illuminating for all those with any interest in the labour movement or politics in general. O’Farrell gives a fantastically one sided view of life under Thatchers soulless government, giving us ample parallels that can be drawn with today.

Despite the depressing electoral time frame for this book, humour is a constant and this humour is applied to situations leading the reader to see the true nature of being an socialist in the hostile world that is Thatcher’s Britain.


One of the ways in which this book interests as well as entertains is in the way in which it draws questions about whether it is really worth all this effort, how many individuals’ lives do labour activists really help compared to say, amnesty international?

O’Farrell’s answer to this question seems clear, eventually turning (mostly) away from activism. However, somehow in the face of his own gradual slide away from doorstepping and canvassing, his book is a source of inspiration which in times of opposition, which we all need from time to time.



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