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Just don’t spill your gin yet…..

I was very kindly asked by Harry to pen a few thoughts on the whole political field we find ourselves in at this moment in time. I was naturally delighted, and have done my best…

So then, the Queen’s Speech was lacklustre in a legislative manner and has been decried from all corners of the political sphere… This is nothing new. Don’t spill your gin just yet!

Despite this Coalition’s first Queen’s Speech just over 2 years ago to the day – having paved the way for the most vicious Thatcherite parliamentary session this country has had to put up for nearly a hundred years: this one was remarkably unambitious, even by their particularly low standards. It is thus no surprise to see that it had been widely panned across the entire media sphere: irrespective of ideology.

Perennial brown-noser Louise Mensch apart, the criticism of it was universal from left to right. The Daily Mail screamed in anger as to the missing plan for jobs and growth: ‘the I’ were rather polite in noting how it was just “lacklustre”, but its fine columnist Steve Richards then lambasted it as a “ragbag worthy of Blair”. Unlike Redblog’s otherwise fine guest poster Alex Hylan’s take on Blair, I am no New Labour apologist. Personally, they owe the nation, and our party, an apology, for by and large wasting 13 years of possibilities on transforming Britain.

Even as an avid republican, you almost felt sorry for ol’ Liz sat there in her big golden chair as she read out this most incredibly vacuous, hollow and pompous plan – as if she was somehow about to take the blame for it.

The critique of the whole sorry farce that I laughed at most came from all places – of the Economist’s front cover, (courtesy of avid Tory, Sunday Politics regular and George Osborne biographer Janan Ganesh). Dave is stood in hunting gear on the left side – blissfully unaware of the fire behind him. It was poetically captioned “Crisis? What crisis!?”  

Do not mistake this Queen’s speech as a veiled intent of moderation from the coalition’s powers that be; we’ve got more chance of finding Lord Lucan on Shergar than this. Frankly, I’d rather have the latter running the country!

With Labour comfortably clear in the polls, Jeremy Hunt’s head being demanded on a plate, the Leveson inquiry in full pelt, double-dip recession returning for the first time since the 1970s, unemployment being abhorrently high – you’d almost think that the Coalition would be desperate to recapture some of the initiative. After all, as incumbents they have the ultimate advantage of the system, and quasi-authority to boot. It’s yours to lose. Indeed, Britain hasn’t removed a first term government since Ted Heath picked a fight with the miners and lost!

Yet – seemingly: Nero & co are rather too comfortable fiddling whilst Rome burns, and no pathetic Kim Jong-il-esque, stunt in an Essex tractor factory will change that.  With Dave’s texts to Rebecca, (lol!), revealing that he’d long since recognised that the horse had bolted – you’d think that they would try to usher the wee creature back home. Rather: the door has been slammed shut, so should the horse ever wish to return – it wouldn’t get in!

Sympathisers with this current, intolerable mob may point to such fond, cuddly measures as more flexible post-natal parental leave. Indeed, this is admirable: but on its own – fundamentally spineless and pathetic.

Not only is it increasingly unlikely that either, (let alone both!), will have jobs thanks to austerity and ideological neo-liberal libertarian fantasies, but if this is the best a government can do in a year – then it is not worth the urine I wouldn’t release if they were on fire…

As members of the British public, we all ought to mourn this scandal. For our government are indifferent to our plight, and actively worsen it with outrageous fabricated links to the likes of Greece and Ireland. No wonder a rather large slab of Scotland would like to go its own way. Frankly – with Labour up to 43, (Yes – 43!), points clear of the rest of the rabble in the North: it seems a fair few of us would rather join them!

But if I were a Labour strategist – I’d be quietly smirking to myself. Incompetence always trumps whether or not a government is seen as fair or otherwise: but lazy incompetence – which is increasingly becoming the by-word for this Coalition government. Quite right too. The Tories’s own backbenchers increasingly despair, and the civil war at the 1922 Committee is beyond hilarious. A change of government is easier to sell to the public if they believe that the government have been sat on their hands for a large part of the 5 years.

Also, the less damage there is for any future Labour government to reverse – the better. We will have our hands rather full from removing all profit motives and vested interests from the NHS, and returning our public services to anything like acceptable in a civilised society. A jolly full plate you might say.

This all follows an absolutely excellent night for Labour at the local elections – with comfortably north of 800 council seat gains defying all daft targets and demands set on us by the unsympathetic outsiders in hopes that we would fall at the first hurdle. Quite rightly, when Ed M was busy touring the newly-gained councils of Exeter, Southampton & Harlow et al – he was pleased but not complacent. Need I mention William Hague and his baseball cap?

But there is extremely good reason to be optimistic, and nothing that this current coalition of the damned is set on doing, looks like coming close to reversing that. 2015 is a long way away to say the very least, but all lights in the distance look green.

I hate to mimic Neil Kinnock, but onwards to government comrades… Just make sure you don’t mess it up now Ed.


Guest Post: DLA is my lifeline, PIP would mean life gone.

Over the last few days on Twitter, Facebook and now some newspapers have drawn attention to a report on the reform of Disability Living Allowance which had become known as the Spartacus report (it can be viewed here). Here at the Redblog we thoroughly support this report and to show that support we have a passionate guest post from the “allbigideas” blog, which can be viewed in the link above. For more information on the Spartacus report here  on a blog from one of its authors.
Over the last few days there has been incredible support from all sorts of different people, organisations and the media about the spartacus report. This blog will explain what it actually is, and then what a difference it will make to my life if the government are allowed to press ahead with the welfare reform bill without proper consultation with disabled people (by proper I mean asking, listening and acting on what disabled people and our supporters are saying we need). The hash tag on twitter is #spartacusreport. We are fighting for our lives, and some are literally fighting with their lives, causing them sickness and ill health because of this report. We need support, This report is 100% disabled people from inception to delivery. Our main aim is to get the government to at least pause their plans for PIP.————
Freedom of information requests were used to gain access to responses to the consultation on replacing disability living allowance with personal independence payments. The response (and subsequent report) showed that:
  • The government said that the responses support the reforms. They lied. The consultation showed that only 7% do.
  • The consultation did not meet the government’s code of practice. It was too short and it ended two days AFTER they wrote and presented the bill to parliament.
  • The government has consistently claimed a 30% rise in DLA claims. It is 13% and they admit they know this but still claim 30%

In short, this report says that the government broke the rules, LIED, are still lying, and we can prove it. They are lying to force through legislation that will affect millions of people, and could one day affect you. Anyone can become sick or disabled. We simply ask that the legislation is paused and given proper scrutiny.
Facts courtesy of latent existance: (

At the moment I use my Disability living allowance for private treatment. Treatment that isn’t available on the NHS because its deemed to costly. I also use it to remain independent which for most people are little things. This includes being able to have ready meals, my dishwasher and kitchen gadgets (my blender, grill and rice cooker means I can can do it myself). I also use it for getting shopping delivered, and those unexpected things. When I am depressed I can’t focus or budget properly so knowing I don’t have to stress about money is one less thing to stress about. Basically it keeps my life going.

my life? I am currently a student studying for a degree at university, and I am in my third year. I took the decision to do this final year over 2 part time years because of my disability, and knowing I had the security of DLA was a big factor in my decision. I am also creative and enjoy photoshop and taking photos.

So, Thats me and my life with DLA. If the proposals for PIP go ahead you might think I am safe enough as I am disabled and clearly using the money appropriately. No, you would be wrong.

I try not to dwell on it, but the criteria for PIP are vastly different to DLA and the fact that I can use my microwave and rice cooker, and blender negates me from the cooking test. Ironic, the things I have spent my DLA on to enable me to be safe in the kitchen means I wont qualify. I don’t know what would happen if they break down? I do know that without them I was living on takeaways and eating from paper plates.

Under DLA the fact that I need supervision to go out in unfamilar places qualifies me for lower rate mobility. Under pip, it is no longer about mobility but cognition. I can plan a journey and follow it through so that again negates me from the benefit. However, the way I plan a journey is in itself disabling. I have to plan and plan and plan every possible route to get me somewhere. I get stressed if the bus gets too busy, or noisy or it might even be something random that triggers me into getting off the bus. It is the rigorous planning that keeps me safe. But it means I can’t just go to a place, I need to exstenively look into it and consider all the risk factors before i decide if its worth it.

As I mentioned I have treatment, which isn’t covered in the new criteria. Without this treatment it would make me seriously unwell again, and I would go back to relying on police, ambulance, crisis team etc etc. not somewhere I want to be thanks.

Quite simply DLA is my LIFE and with PIP I wont have one.


Tory Twit of the week #5

Ok so we’re trying to be a little less expletive this week and having a ‘twit’ and not a ‘tit’ of the week, if this has annoyed you and you would prefer to refer to the Tories in the worse way possible then you can, just don’t do a Paxman and add the letter ‘n’ to ‘cuts’. please feel free if you want ‘tit’ to be re-instated…

This week’s tory twit is someone many of us on the left (and indeed many in the centre and right) despise, and this week has shown us many of the reasons in a neat little bundle. To begin with, he showed his love of token gestures by raising the bank levy by £800 million on Tuesday.  Whilst this may seem like a large sum, to bankers this is spare change and it was described as the equivalent of “a rounding error” on tuesday’s edition of “the daily politics”. This was widely seen as a little nugget of popular thinking for this week’s twit to use when going up against Ed Balls for the first time later that day in the commons. This event, dear reader, is what has wound this blogger and many sensible people up so much that I christen him as this week’s twit.

During the usual fiery exchanges of commons debate this weeks tory twit ran out of useful things to say and decided to pick on Ed Balls in true public-school fashion, by mocking his disability. Mr Balls has managed recently to cope more and more with his speech impediment saying “There will be certain consonants that I just can’t say together. It would be impossible for me to start a sentence with an H. I often start sentences with ‘look’ or ‘well’ because the key thing is to get moving.” in the times recently. On Tuesday, Mr Balls was mocked, drawing attention to his disability in the worst possible way, which this week’s twit saying about one of Mr Balls’ questions “He clearly had a lot of time to prepare that but I’m not sure it all came out as he expected.” This disgusting rudeness has caused much consternation.

Yesterday, the much-hyped “Merlin” deal between the treasury and the banks was announced to a sea of the disappointed with a Libdem Treasury spokesmen being fired for telling the BBC that the treasury had be “taken for a ride” by the banks. On the upside, Mr Balls got his own back by with “we have gone from Project Merlin to the Wizard of Oz”. So this week’s Tory Twit award for outstanding services to rudeness as well as idiocy is

Gideon “George” Osborne



Tory Tit of the Week #4

To be fair I have had some trouble choosing a TT for this week as the party has been in a pack-mentality (at least outwardly) recently to there ideological cuts to everything they can lay their hands on. Just as I thought there wasn’t a particular person at which to aim this weeks anger at, the ugly spectre of expenses raised its head again. It was largely regarded as a very very good thing when the management of parliamentary expenses was handed over to an independent watchdog. This week’s TT decided to go against this view when he launched an “attack” on the watchdog, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). Stating it was  “failing” to support MPs in their work, and said it had “unsatisfactory features” which are “at best distracting, and at worst impeding” . It seems to me clear that as an independent body, it was created and exists to prevent MPs’ continual corruption with regard to expenses, It is clearly not centred around supporting the work of MPs and is instead a method of holding them to account, with the number of rejected claims much less than in the first four month period a sign that it is getting over its teething problems.

So I give you this week’s Tory Tit, someone, who clearly misunderstands the idea of checks and balances on MPs’ power…

Sir George Young



Tory Tit of the Week #3

Anyone who saw Prime Minister’s questions this week will remember the re-birth of Thatcher’s TINA/”there is no alternative”  phrase. The man who decided to inform us of this and re-awaken another relic of the last conservative government earns the prize of Tory tit of the week this week, is

Jacob Rees-Mogg

“Is not the lesson from the noble Baroness Thatcher that, when you have set an economic course, you should stick to it-“there is no alternative”?”

He may be a bit of an in-depth and unknown tory to choose this week but he was also on a programme by Andrew Neal looking at how the posh run the country he quote was:

“I am a man of the people, vox populi, vox dei”.

There is a word I’d like to use to respond to this quote…I wont though…all I will add is this nugget from twitter from (I assume) the writers of the thick of it “If there were such a thing as a triple-breasted suit Jacob Rees Mogg would wear one. #twitstick #PMQ #PMQs”



Tory Tit of the week #2

You may say that he is no tory, what with the pledge to vote against a rise in tuition fees  (oooh) and a stance against privatising Royal Mail (aaah). But in fact, in the last few days he has proved himself a tory and not only a tory but a tory TIT at that…





Tory TIT of the week! #1

Many contenders for this… and I’m desperate to have lots as there its our first week…

For a conference speech which proved he is the king of contradiction….


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