Release Julian Assange!

Julian Assange - Founder of WikiLeaksThe peoples of any country have the right to know truth. Any democratic society should respect and promote the freedom of information. The arrest and current imprisonment of Julian Assange directly goes against these two simple truths. We owe him and WikiLeaks our thanks and it is up to us to stand up and support Julian now.

The Swedish Judges have made a statement in which they say that the arrest has not been done on political means. It is highly convenient that these charges have been brought up now and it is fair to believe that this arrest has been done on political intentions. This is clearly an attempt to restrict the ability and the freedom of the press in publishing material that we the people have a right to know about. If newspapers can release material on MP’s expenses and bugged phone calls then surely WikiLeaks have the right to publish the materials they have. The freedom of the press should apply to all the press, it should not be restricted against chosen publishers.

Julian Assange’s arrest has been brought about without any proper evidence being presented and without the ability for him to claim bail. This is a breach of justice and goes completely against the legal principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. How is it right that this man can be detained without any evidence being brought before him? This is completely and utterly wrong. The very fact that Ken Loach, Jemima Khan and John Pilger have all offered to pay his bail just demonstrates how wrong it is that Julian has been detained this way, without proper evidence or the ability to receive bail.

The hypocrisy around this issue is beyond belief. One of the cables recently released by WikiLeaks revealed that a Middle East country was pressing America to bomb Iran and yet nothing has been raised of this. Both the American and British Governments have criticised the release of these materials but have not criticised the wish of a nation to immorally seek the bombing of another nation. The fact that the arrest of Julian Assange has been the priority issue rather than the issues which have risen from the cables demonstrates this hypocrisy.

It is easy to see that this arrest is in an attempt to bring Wikileaks and to prevent them from publishing further materials. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are releasing materials that we have a right to know about and the attempt to prevent this from happening highlights how the rich and powerful do not want us to know these truths. This about protecting the freedom of information so show your support and stand up for the release of Julian Assange!

(ED- it must be remembered however that if Mr Assange is guilty of rape then he should be tried and convicted to the full extent of the law)



1 Response to “Release Julian Assange!”

  1. 1 JW
    December 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Just to note that the final sentence wrote in the bracketts was not written by me. This blog was written in relation to the weak charges being brought against Julian Assange and the unjust nature of his detention and current imprisonment. JW of course does not support the crime of rape however the aim of this blog was highlight the deeper political intention to have Julian Assange arrested by the American Government in their attempt to keep the truth hidden from the people.


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